[Opsware] line-comment="#" not working

Here is my entire CML file at this point. I've pared it down to almost nothing in order to debug this.


# Main
ServerRoot @server_root;dir;;optional@
DocumentRoot @document_root;dir;;optional@
# Bart

But, when I attempt a Preview or Push from the SAS client, I get this error message.

com.opsware.acm.CMLFileGenerationException: Did not find a match for: "TextTag(#)" line: 4

From what? I see nothing in the CML docs from Opsware SAS 7.0 Policy Setter's Guide that indicates the number sign (#) is special by itself or that there is such a thing as a "TextTag".

Here is my entire httpd.conf from the machine Opsware is managing.

$ cat httpd.conf
# Main
ServerRoot /some/dir
DocumentRoot /some/dir
# Bart


I just discovered something. I have the setting Preserve Format = no for the template. This is important.

Also, when I removed the line-comment instruction, the Preview and Push operations did not return an error.

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