[Opsware] boolean-(yes|no)-format="<string>" not working

In Opsware SAS 7.0 Policy Setter's Guide in "Appendix A: CML Tutorial and Reference", the following example is given.


With the following explanation.

Defines the allowable boolean values in the configuration file. In this case, Yes is
indicated with the character 1, and No is indicated with a 0. This means that is a
user tried to use the string yes, the Application Configuration would not accept it.

Well, the SAS Client simply does not acknowledge these instructions. Here are my own usage attempts to get the SAS Client to work.





KeepAlive @keep_alive;boolean;;boolean-yes-format="on";boolean-no-format="off"@

None of these worked inside the SAS client. When I tried to enter the default values, the client only gave me the choice of "True" or "False" and when I manually entered "on", it gave me the exception "com.opsware.acm.CMLFieldValidationException: TypeValidationError".

I have not solved this problem yet.

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