SOILD: new object oriented design principles.

Is your object oriented design soiled?


S = Slippery. The class should be so abstract that’s its responsibility – or even better responsibilities (plural) – should be hard to pin down.
O = Open. The class should be open…to everything! Public. Free as in beer. You get the idea.
I = Interface. Integrate your interface. Turn those façades upside-down.
L = LISP. All braces in your code should be replaceable by parenthesis.
D = Dependency. See poem below.

No class is an Island, entire of itself; every class is a piece of the Code, a part of the main(); if a clod be washed away by the sea, The Bay Area is the less, as well as if Oakland were, as well as if an old warehouse of thy startup or the Apple Spaceship Campus were; any freed object diminishes the app, because the app is involved in the Framework; And therefore never send to know for whom the compiler warns; It warns for thee.

Hopefully, what I am about to write is obvious, but if not, please realize that this post is humor. I was making a joke about the SOLID OO programming design principles.

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