Once again, GitGuys explains git better than anyone else.

I have no idea why, but GitGuys explains git to me in a way I understand best. Lots of other sites (on that first page of results from any search) either rehash the same old basics with nothing added or get too opaque when venturing into the concepts behind git features. Their site should come up ranked higher than it currently does on searches.

Here is what GitGuys is perfect for: when you want to do something in git, and you don't want to just copy a recipe from Stackoverflow because, damn it, what you want to do is a fairly basic function of an SCCS and you want to know how git approaches the task so you actually know what you are doing instead of blindly memorizing a formulae. If I had to recommend a "learning git" book, it would be the GitGuys site.

So, in general, my git resources are:

  1. git man page for reference, figuring things out myself.
  2. GitGuys.com for explanations and tutorials when I don't feel like experimental learning or when I want an authority to confirm my conclusions.
  3. Stackoverflow searches (via Google) for specific recipes.
  4. I follow this branching model.
FYI, my problem this time was that I had made changes to my local files while I was on the develop branch, and I had forgotten to make a feature branch. I wanted to create a new branch and switch to it without stomping on my local modifications. The GitGuys had a perfect page already written explaining exactly what I wanted to know and the reasoning behind the approach.

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