HP-UX noob warning about /var/adm/sw/save

If /var is full or nearly full on any HP-UX systems, do not remove anything from the directory /var/adm/sw/save using rm. The only appropriate method of freeing space from this particular directory is:

# cleanup -c 1

And reply y to the prompt.

I have no idea why, I'm just blindly following an HP-UX coworker's advice. If you want to know more, then man cleanup, obviously.

1 comment:

  1. the cleanup command removes patch files from /var/adm/sw/save that have been superseded by
    the 'n' patches where n is the number after the
    '-c'. Note that running this command removes
    files from /var/adm/sw/save and without these files patches cannot be removed (with swremove) later. So backup the contents of the /var/adm/sw/save directory first!