What Sony PIIQ clip-on earbuds (Qlasp) look like when worn.

Suppose you're in Target looking for new headphones for your iPod shuffle because your current behind-the-neck headphones get yanked out of your ears when you're doing push-ups and a few other exercises during your workout. You see what looks like a solution to your problem in the form of the Sony PIIQ™ clip-on earbuds (Qlasp™).

However, because the design is so unique, you are in doubt about how to actually wear them, and you want to confirm your suspicions about the design of these things. So you pull out your iPhone/Android and Google™ for images of folks wearing them but are surprised to find no photos of people wearing them, not even on the Sony site.

Problem solved.

Oh, right! Do they solve my problem? Well, I've stopped using my behind-the-neck headphones and exclusively use the PIIQ clip-ons.

I have not done a scientific survey to see which earphones I mess with less while working out. However, I'm kind of fussy about that. A normal person would probably not fiddle as much as I.

In general, I'd say that behind-the-neck phones are better for straight-out running (maybe, see below). PIIQ clip-on earbuds are better for the quasi-cardio strength training workout that I do when I'm not running. However, even on my runs, I do 22 push-ups and 22 leg lifts every mile, so I still wear my PIIQ clip-ons for my typical run.

I think configuring the PIIQ clip-ons is key to their staying put during activity. During my last run, I used the smallest set of earbuds that came with the PIIQ, and I reset my left earbud only once during the 3 miles (and 66 push-ups, 44 leg lifts, 22 sit-ups). For reasons yet unknown, I could not setup my right ear like my left, so I reset that earbud a lot. There was some subtle positioning I seemed to be missing.

Oops! I did not mean to turn this into a product review. I merely wanted to let other people know what these earbuds looked like while being worn. Here is another view from a slightly different angle.


  1. is the clip very tight for the ear? I will love to buy this because they are different but if they are too tight.. no way I could wear them.

  2. The clips are not too tight on the ear lobe. I'd say they were a bit loose, but if they were tighter folks like yourself might not be comfortable with them.

  3. yeah,I just bought these. thanks for the photos, dont have to fiddle with them when i get them :D


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  5. Thanks for the pictures. Im on the search for some headphons to use when running. How is the sound quality of the piiq?

  6. The sound quality is as good as I can conceive of for little plugs that I shove into my ears.

    However, the bass goes down as the plugs settle into place, so I repeatedly push the plugs back deeper into my ears as I workout/run.

  7. whuahaha... lets try. hows the sounds quality?