Deleting a TWiki web.

If you want to permanently delete a web in TWiki, there is no browser function for this. You must login to the server and manually delete files.
  1. Delete twiki/data/name_of_web
  2. Delete twiki/pub/name_of_web

TWiki Support page documenting this.

If you made the mistake of following the directions in your TWiki.ManagingWebs topic and moved the unwanted web to the Trash web, then you will have to:

  1. Delete twiki/data/Trash/name_of_web
  2. Delete twiki/pub/Trash/name_of_web

I'm adding this entry in a small attempt to improve Google search results for this information. The above link was not listed in the first 40 hits when I searched for the terms TWiki delete web. I had to perform a Google site search of TWiki Support.


  1. Twiki is the most dumbest difficult mess of hodge podge every created! Whoever created this CMS is a geek that just wanted to show off! For pete's sake why does collaboration have to be so hard?

  2. I can set-up a word press cms or any other cms easy as pie, but twiki takes the cake.... thanks, twiki, for making us dumber....

  3. I completely agree with that!