[Opsware] Stanza abstraction loop in CML

I'm trying to abstract out the logic necessary to have a single CML markup section/stanza which loops through and adds as many <Directory> sections as specified in the Application Configuration in the SAS client.

I'm not even pretending that this should work in the first version of my syntax. I know it does not before even testing it. However, I need to black box my way into hammering out the correct syntax. Here is my first experimental attempt.

<Directory @.path;dir@>
@.directive;string@ @.argument;string@

Obviously, it does not work. It won't even pass Preview. The error is:

com.opsware.acm.CMLFileGenerationException: A value required to create this configuration was missing. Key: com.opsware.acm.CMLFileParsingException: Did not find a match for: "<Directory />" line: 88

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